Whiteboard Explainer videos comes in various types and forms, depending on the concept, script and purpose for which it’s being created for. In this article, we are going to take a good look at some of the very popular and most preferred types of whiteboard videos;

Types of Whiteboard Presentations
Just like there are many uses for whiteboard presentations, there are also many different types.
1. Talking Head – The traditional (and original) form of whiteboard presentation is the “talking head” style. In this type of video, the individual, usually presented from the waist up or the chest up,stands in front of a real whiteboard and makes a presentation, using the whiteboard as a tool in that presentation.

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This style is generally used by teachers and professors in classrooms and lectures, as well as executives making presentations to their company, people making presentations to groups of people, etc. The talking head presentation is what started whiteboard animations of all types. The other forms evolved from this.

2.Cartoon – Cartoons can make great presentations in almost any field, and even traditionally “stuffy” niches may find a cartoon video refreshing if it is well done. Remember, cartoon videos don’t necessarily have to be funny, but a little comedy can help lighten the mood of any presentation.
Here are a couple of examples of whiteboard cartoons:
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3. Educational – Educational videos are typically made to appear like a professor in a talking head type presentation, but without actually showing the teacher. This is commonly used for math lessons, but
could be used for nearly any type of educational situation.Here is an example of an educational whiteboard presentation;

4. Doodle – A doodle presentation can be similar to any other style of presentation, however it consists mainly of a hand (or a ghost hand if you’re using strictly animation software and not filming live) drawing
and writing. Here are some examples of doodle presentations:

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5. Stop Motion – A stop motion whiteboard animation can be similar to any other style of presentation, however it is basically done one frame at a time instead of filming continuously. Basically, single frames are developed using photographs or graphics and then animated together like a cartoon.
Here is an example of a stop motion presentation:

These are some general types of whiteboard animations, but you can probably find other examples, as well.

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